Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Michael Moor: "Capitalism - a love story"

I saw this film last night and it creates an interesting set of emotions.

If it was about Australia I would be taking action. 

But my understanding is that Australia is much more tightly regulated...  I hope I am not wrong.

So what I feel is indignation on behalf of another country.

What do you do with that feeling?  Do people in the USA want other people to feel angry on their behalf?  Should I be looking into my own country - I can be naive at times about how good/bad we actually have it over here.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

13 things to do update

This is a tough decision I have made, but I really didn't like the alternatives...

Due to financial limitations I am going to extend my 13 things to do deadline until the end of my 40th year - July 2011.

I would rather do that than get into debt to complete the list, change most of what is left to cheap/free activities instead of ones I really want to do or just not complete the list.