Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tibballs Tales #1 - The Story of the Bun

I have decided to document some of those stories that get told and retold at family dinners. The ones that embarrass someone. The ones that remind you all of the shared history you have, and teach new additions to the family a bit about us.

This first story features me....

I was only young, maybe 9 or 10. Possibly slightly older, but still in primary school.

Mum had brought home some fruit buns. Most of us had one (not my brother) and there were 2 remaining on the bench.

To this day I have NO idea why, but I picked up one of the buns and took two bites out of it and then put it back on the plate.

A little while later Mum noticed the bites and asked who had done it. Again I have NO idea why, but I didn't confess. I guess I was embarrassed. I was a 'good girl' you see. I didn't do the wrong thing.

To Mums admitted regret she 'made a deal out of it'. I have snatches of memory. 3 kids lined up in front of the fridge being asked to admit who had done it. Dad finding 'raisins' in my brothers teeth - as he had not had a bun this made him prime suspect. (I always wondered what Dad saw that he thought was a raisin!).

It went on way past the point where I was able to open my mouth and confess. Now I would have to confess to taking the bites AND not admitting it right away.

Punishment ended up being no treats for the 3 of us for a week... from memory it wasn't stuck to.

In a normal world that would be the end of the story.... but not in my world.

You see I have a self diagnosed 'overactive guilt gland'. It ate at me that my brother was considered the guilty one. It gnawed at me that the three of us were punished for my wrongdoing.

It sat there stewing in my conscience for about 2 years.

Then, late one night when all were in bed, it got to be too much for me. Sobbing, I entered my parents bedroom. Stammering, I uttered those legendary words 'You know that bun? It was me_e_e_e'

My parents reaction? Hysterical laughter. And the noting of a story to tell and retell. My 21st speech, lots of dinner table conversations...

And I guess the crossing off of 'life of crime' from my list of potential careers.

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