Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Dad

I think you (and maybe Kathy) are the only ones who check this blog.  Possibly because I write in it so regularly??

Since this blog tends to be looking at the past...  perhaps some favourite 'Dad' memories?

Going to the footy and you giving me $2 for a pastie for me and a pie and pastie for you.  And you trying to teach me that if I saved the change I could buy something really good instead of spending it on lollies that were gone in minutes.

Sitting on the front of the boat with you singing 'I am sailing' at the top of your voice.

You singing 


Do you know I never remember you singing any other lines!

Going floundering in the middle of the night with you, Moo and Bill.

Having to go to the loo and get food in the time it took you to fill the car with petrol and pay for it - cos you hated stopping.  I get that from you!

You singing to Milo.  Milo the wonderdog.

Watching you with your grandkids.  Stopping them crying as if by magic.

The way you make everyone feel loved and important.

Notice how many of these involve you singing.  Your singing always makes me smile.  I got my singing ability from you too.

Writing this made me smile.  Maybe I should write a 'favourite Mum memories' blog too.

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