Sunday, March 22, 2015

Self Confidence

Self confidence is something I find interesting.

Mine often depends on context...  I am confident in my intelligence, my ability to do my job, my physical strength.

Confidence in the way I look is generally low.

This weekend it got a surprise boost.

I was walking from the station to my car Friday night and a teenage boy (maybe 15/16) called out to me as he walked past...  and it was a compliment!  His words were 'You're beautiful'.

First I wondered what he said and I misheard...  then I wondered if maybe that is what he had said.

I mentioned it to my husband when I got home.  He looked me up and down and said something along the lines of 'long blonde hair, knee high boots, great legs...  yeah teenage boys like that'.  I should mention that my husband often compliments me...  but it seemed to sink in more coming from a stranger with no vested interest.

I realised that to a stranger walking past those things might be what they notice first.  Good legs, long blonde hair blowing in the breeze.  

Unlike when I look in the mirror and notice stomach, arms, chins.... usually before anything else.  I check that my clothes are 'flattering' and hide my faults while enhancing my assets.  But I don't see an attractive package.  I see a set of parts.  Some bad, some better.

I am going to try and see in the mirror what a teenage stranger saw on Friday - an attractive 44 year old woman.

Wish me luck!

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