Friday, April 3, 2009

Tibballs Tales #2 - the story of the BIG christmas present

This one is short but cute.

The first time we had a 'brady bunch' Christmas was at our house in Seaford. Our tree sat in a corner in front of two windows. This meant by going outside you could get 360 degree views of the tree and more importantly the presents underneath!

Shortly after the tree was put up that year a LARGE box was placed under it with my littlest step brothers name on it. "Dear Damien". Damien spent hours looking at this box. He studied it from inside the room and through the windows. He counted the days until the contents were his.

Finally Christmas morning arrived and early in the gift giving Damien was passed his gift. He tore off the paper and opened the box!

Inside was a huge surprise!

Yes... it was a smaller box wrapped and addressed to his brother Derek!

My wonderful Step Dad had done a cute pass the parcel for his kids. In the very centre was a new computer game for the three of them to share.

Sadly Damien was sobbing in his bedroom by the time it got to the game.

And he still hates that story to be retold. Sorry Damien!

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